About Us

Energy4commons advocates for access to modern, reliable and affordable energy as a fundamental and inalienable right for all human beings. We develop a campaign addressed to the civil society, as well as to policymakers, investors and stakeholders in the energy industry in order to promote an understanding of the urgency of implementing efficient and credible actions to enable universal access to energy to more vulnerable communities. 

Energy4commons operates as a non-governmental, independent organization recognized to be of public interest and is registered as a non-profit association under Belgian law.

Our Vision

Energy4commons is a civic and independent organization striving to help realise the 7th Sustainable Development Goal of achieving universal access to energy by 2030. By doing so, we contribute to narrowing the socioeconomic gap between the global north and the global south, as well as helping communities to become more resilient, self-sufficient and productive.

Our Mission

Energy4commons is committed to closing the gap between those who can and those who cannot access affordable reliable and modern energy. We work to bring power to the powerless people of the world. We offer comprehensive advice to public and private institutions, communities, cooperative and non-governmental organizations so they can implement renewable energy solutions in order to contribute to scaling up the delivery of energy products and services to the more vulnerable social sectors. 

  • We offer support for Energy communities project’s design, implementation and management
  • We provide tailor-made sociotechnical assistance and capacity-building support for institutions, communities, NGO’s and other project promoters.
  • We grant support for participatory building renovation projects
  • We provide support for energy efficiency and energy sufficiency programs

Our Values

We are convinced that access to energy constitutes an important and necessary step in the fight against hunger, illiteracy, gender inequality and health diseases that kill millions of people over the world. Universal access to modern and sustainable energy contributes to the empowerment of the most vulnerable people, especially women and children, as renewable energy systems contribute to the decentralization of the energy systems and thus, to the socialization and democratization of energy 

We believe that a fundamental solution is to flip the shape of the energy sector from a top-to-bottom approach to a bottom-to-top approach. Those at the bottom of the pyramid must be empowered to drive and direct the growth of the energy systems. Within this new framework of decentralized access to energy, community-owned infrastructure and decentralized green-energy production should make the energy systems work in the interest of the wider public, with the profit motive giving way to social and environmental goals so energy becomes a “common good”.